There’s nothing quite like the American backyard. The brisket (fat side up) is on the smoker. Kabobs are on the grill. The beer is cold, the wine is smooth, friends are on their way over and it’s shaping up to be a great night. Unfortunately you won’t spend it entertaining outside because your outdoor A/C unit is just too loud.

Sound familiar?

All HVAC units make noise when running; they’re typically large machines with a lot of moving parts. But there are alternatives to consider that will dramatically decrease your noise issue.

Both Samsung and Bosch have meticulously designed their ultra-quiet systems to minimize sound levels (both inside and outside the home). We’re talking sound levels as low as 56 dB. Almost whisper-quiet, they can be installed in any room without worrying about excessive noise and the outdoor units are significantly quieter than traditional condensing units. That means you can put them in the most convenient location outside (right next to the patio or even a window).

You want to feel your HVAC working. Not necessarily hear it.