A frequent problem. One portion of the home feels comfortable while another portion is too hot or too cold. Most two-story or multi-level homes suffer from uneven heating or cooling because heat rises and upper levels usually feel warmer than lower ones.

One way to fix the issue is to install a zoned heating and cooling system. While a central air conditioning system can be used for temperature zoning (by using electonically controlled dampers in your ductwork), the more innovative ductless mini split system is specifically designed for this type of situation.

With a ductless mini split system, the temperature in each zone is independently controlled with a designated thermostat or remote controller. Some models can be regulated through a free, downloadable app on your smart phone. This allows you to easily set different temperature levels in different rooms. You can even turn on or off the indoor unit in each room without impacting the comfort level throughout the rest of the home.

A single-zone system (or 1:1 system) means a single room uses a single ductless system—one indoor unit works with one outdoor unit. A multi-zone system (or 2:1 system) connects two or more indoor units to the oudoor unit.

The outdoor unit is basically the compressor/condenser. While they vary in capacity, they all look the same. The indoor units, on the other hand, come in all shapes, styles, characteristics and capabilities. You can mount them on a wall, the ceiling or just a few inches from the door.

A ductless system will give you the precise temperature control and customized comfort along with powerful cooling and heating. In other words, you won’t need blankets downstairs and fans upstairs.